• Multi-hitter

    Custom molded aluminum alloy pipe stores inside Smokit™. Holds up to five hits and has serrated edges to make packing it a breeze.

  • Poker/dabber

    Copper custom molded dab tool stores inside Smokit™. Poker end cleans and de-clogs multi-hitter.

  • Removable grinder card

    Top quality stainless steel grinding surface fits directly over storage area. Doubles as flat edge tool to gather loose material.

  • Removable silicone container

    Grade A medical silicone container custom fit inside Smokit™.

  • Designed in USA

    Precision engineering, rubber matte finish, passes drop test and holds up to everyday wear and tear.

  • Incredibly Compact

    Measuring in at only 2.5"x1.5"x.5" this is the most portable smoking system - ever! Comparable in size to a Zippo.

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What comes in a Smokit™?

Everything pictured is included. This means you get the case, multi-hitter, poker/dabber, silicone container, a grinder card, and reusable magnetic box.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes! Any defective, unused product we will be happy to replace. Reach out to sales and they will be happy to assist you.

How long does shipping take?

Expect to have it within a week of ordering.

Do you do wholesale orders?

Yes! We are happy to do wholesaling to individual stores, store chains, and distributors. Contact us by phone or email and let's do business.

Can you do custom orders and designs?

Absolutely. We can do custom coloring, design work, branding, etc. Best of all, it's done here in the USA for incredibly fast turnaround times.