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    When the inventor of Smokit, Nate Ackerman, entered his concept into Ohio State University’s business competition, he knew he had a great idea. The judges thought so too, advancing the innovative dugout-style smoking kit to the competition finals. While he didn’t win first place with the judges, he did win recognition as the people’s choice for the event and with the granting of the Carpe Diem award.

    With a desire to achieve more, Nate began the process of making his concept piece a production reality. His engineering success helped him find an experienced manufacturing and business partner. With an innovative design, access to premium materials, and a wellspring of production knowledge, Smokit smoking kits were set for success.

    Smokers loved them and buzz began to build about the new kid on the block, an all-in-one grinder and dugout that let you get a great smoking experience on-the-go. Perfect for traveling, events, or discrete day-to-day use, it was a pipe every smoker could use.

    Now available in an array of fun colors, the Smokit has continued to fine-tune itself. Along with the original version, kits can be ordered with glass pipes, cigarette style multi-hitters, and even longer versions that let you carry more smoking material wherever you go.

    Are you looking for the perfect portable pipe for your away-from-home smoking sessions? Get your all-in-one smoking kit online from Smokit today.