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    Smokit Products

    The Best Dugout Pipe All In One Kit

    The Smokit is the best dugout pipe with built in grinder cards, storage, and pokers. From a new smoking bat or discrete one-hitter pipe to an all-in-one smoking dugout, you’ll find high-quality smoking accessories for your on-the-go adventures. Our Smokits are designed for smokers who want a great smoking session, wherever they happen to be. Whichever you choose, you can trust us to deliver premium accessories that are easy and fun to use. It’s time you had the smoking experience you deserve, wherever life takes you.

    Constructed Using The Best Materials

    When we make our smoking accessories, we start with premium materials designed for durability. Whether it’s a new smoking bat made from an aluminum alloy or one of our copper pokers, we’ve engineered and refined our products for your smoking experience. That way you can trust our smoking kits, with their custom smoking dugout and one-hitter pipe, to give you a great value for your dollar and a reliable smoking experience that will make this pipe one of your favorites.

    Made For How You Smoke

    Our award-winning design lets you take your smoke with you wherever you need to go. All the products we offer are meant to further our goal of seeing more people have full access to their smoking material of choice. Whether you’re a busy executive, an avid outdoors lover, or a mom who doesn’t have time to stop, we’ve got your back, and you’ve got the kit you need for a quick hit.

    Smokit - The Only Smoking Bat You’ll Ever Need

    Make sure you have the smoking accessories you need to support your life. Contact us today if you have any questions about our products. Order your smoking bat, all-in-one kit, or accessories online from Smokit today.



    The Best Dugout Pipe All In One Kit. Buy now!