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    The Best Smoker Accessories

    Get the smoker accessories you need to keep your all-in-one smoking kit ready for anything. The Smokit is one of the best smoking accessories on the market, but sometimes pieces go missing or people just want to change things up a bit. Whether you want more one-hitter options or your poker has “walked off” we’ve got your back with premium accessories and great customer service.

    The Quality You Expect

    Unlike some smoking accessories manufacturers, we don’t save the best stuff for us. When you order our accessories, you’re getting the same great quality we put into our kits. Some of the best smoking accessories available, these use premium materials and have been engineered to help you have a great smoke, wherever you’re smoking at. We offer replacement pieces for many of our kit parts and we also have the extras you need to suit your preferences.

    Smoke Your Way

    There’s no right way to smoke except the way you want to. An extra one-hitter pipe, a hidden way to carry your Smokit, or a spare grinder card can come in handy, but you decide what you need to make your smoke session better. If you have any questions about our smoking accessories, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you get the pieces you need for a more convenient on-the-go smoke.

    Be ready for whatever your busy lifestyle throws your way. Order your dugout and accessories online from Smokit now.


    Smoker accessories from smokits.com