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    What Makes the Incredibowl m420 the Pipe to Have

    What Makes the Incredibowl m420 the Pipe to Have

    The incredibowl provides an incredibly smooth hit due to it’s patented design that maximizes cool air flow through 9 different chambers. You’re able to milk the bowl, fill up the clear part of the pipe with smoke, and within a second have that fully cleared. Normally pieces that hit this smooth require ice, water, or a combination of the two. Often times there’s smoke left over that goes stale. Not with the award winning Incredibowl m420! 


    Get the best of both worlds with the incredibowl m420. Not only does this pipe pack a punch, you can easily carry this with you in your pocket, bag, or purse. These are practically indestructible to boot, as we have literally ran one over a car and then smoked out of it. That alone is all we need to say about the durability of this.


    The incredibowl pipe and brand is one that we hands down love.  If you’ve found this blog, chances are you’re thinking about getting it too. Having smoked out of a LOT of bowls, pipes, bongs, etc. I can confidently say this is the one worth getting. Cleaning this is a lot simpler than any bong or pipe as you can simply pop a new screen in and be good. You can buy the incredibowl m420 here: incredibowl m420 black.


    How does this compare to other compact bowls and smoking kits? Smokes them out of the water :) papers and wraps are ultra portable but are not efficient with flower. The incredibowl m420 holds 0.3-0.4g flower in a bowl and even as a seasoned smoker that is enough to get you. Bowls use a similar amount but do not even begin to compare with hit smoothness, durability, and milking capability. By this I mean the ability to fill the chamber with smoke, then take a large hit in a short breath. There’s a reason why the incredibowl pipes are known for being the best in their class - they are. 


    With the quality of construction that goes into an incredibowl m420, coupled with how smooth the hits are you shouldn’t have to look any further. I also wanted an award winning piece that was recognized by other smokers as a great piece and this is the winner. We don’t manufacture this product but absolutely love it ourselves. We offer them for the cheapest rate online with free shipping here, the incredibowl m420 gray.  So if you want to buy an Incredibowl m420 we’ve got you covered and let us know what you think!

    Multi-Hitters: What They Are & Why You Should Have at Least a 2 Hitter Pipe

    Woman smoking 2 hitter pipe outside with mountains in the distance

    One-hitters are great and all, but have you seen a 2 hitter pipe? What about a 5 hitter? Multi-hitters are getting a lot of attention among smokers, as they should be. While the classic one-hitter pipe will never go out of style, smokers love trying new devices. If you’re looking for an upgrade for your dugout hitter, a multi-hitter is a solid choice.

    What Is a Multi-Hitter?

    You’ve probably already figured it out, but we’ll lay it out for those who aren’t quite up to speed. In order to understand what a multi-hitter is, you need to be familiar with one-hitters. Like the name implies, a one-hitter is a little pipe that lets you take a single, quick hit whenever the mood strikes. Following that line of thinking, a 2 hitter pipe gives you—you guessed it— two hits!

    In case you’re still not following, a one-hitter is a tube-shaped pipe. They’re usually made out of metal, but you can find them made from materials like glass, wood, and stone too. They’re usually around the size of a cigarette. In fact, some one-hitter smoking accessories are disguised to look exactly like cigarettes, so you can get away with incognito smoking.

    So, what’s all this one-hitter talk have to do with multi-hitters? One-hitters have a very small amount of space on the tip that holds the herb. They’re made that way by design—the whole point is that you’re able to rip the entire hit in one go.

    A 2 hitter pipe will have twice as much space so you can take a double-sized rip or share with a buddy. We carry multi-hitters that deliver up to five hits before you need to repack it! In other words, we’ve taken the beloved one-hitter and elevated it to the next level.

    Why Not Both?

    One-hitters and multi-hitters can absolutely co-exist. One-hitters have their place. Sometimes you just want a light buzz in the morning. Sometimes you just want to dip outside for a quick puff here and there. That’s all fine and dandy.

    A 2 hitter pipe (or 5-hitter!) is for those occasions when you just want to pack a few hits and let it ride. The experience is actually similar to a joint. You can puff-puff-pass it with your pals or smoke it to your dome.

    If you want to blast off as quickly as possible, you don’t want to be clearing out and packing your one-hitter over and over. A multi-hitter makes things nice and easy for you.

    How to Properly Use a Multi-Hitter

    Rear view of man smoking 2 hitter pipe while overlooking a city at night

    If you’ve used a one-hitter, you already know what to do. That said, you might be overlooking some crucial pro tips that can improve your sessions with your 2 hitter pipe.

    Step 1: First, make sure your dugout hitter contains enough herb. If you don’t have a dugout yet, you can use any sort of tray or container that keeps your smoking material together in one place. The herb should be ground finely, but not too much. You don’t want a powder. A grinder should get it to the right consistency, but you can always use scissors or break it up by hand.

    Step 2: Now that you have your herb ready to go, it’s time to dip. Hold your dugout in your non-dominant hand. Press the tip of your 2 hitter pipe into the herb compartment and apply a decent amount of pressure. Twist it back and forth three or four times and then inspect it carefully. The herb should be packed tight and flush with the surface. Tap it against your dugout’s herb compartment to release any loose smoking material. Waste not, want not!

    Step 3: Now, this step is often overlooked. You’re probably assuming that you simply light it up, right? Technically, yes, but there’s a better way. Hold the lighter as far away from the green as you can while still igniting it. If you hold the flame too close to your 2 hitter pipe (or any pipe for that matter), you’re going to scorch the herb and burn precious molecules before they reach your body. Keep it low and slow. Start a few inches away, and then move it in.

    Step 4: When you’re done, you can simply put your multi-hitter pack in the dugout and enjoy your new perspective. Before you pack up, you might want to use your poker tool to clear it out. It’s no secret that pipes can get dirty and goopy, and some basic maintenance goes a long way in keeping your pipe fresh and ready for your next visit.

    That’s it! Follow those four steps and you’ll be a true master of the 2 hitter pipe.

    A Better Way to Smoke

    Every smoker should have options. Experimenting with new devices and methods is always a good time. Plus, being able to smoke quickly and easily rules, especially when you’re out and about. If you don’t have a dugout hitter, it’s one of the coolest accessories out there. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

    The most obvious reason to own a dugout with a one-hitter or multi-hitter is because it’s perfect for on-the-go smoking. Forget to smoke before heading out to the movies? Your trusty 2 hitter pipe is there for you. Going camping and don’t want to bring your 6-foot bong? Your dugout pal is ready to join you.

    Besides being one of the most convenient and discreet smoking options out there, a 2 hitter pipe is an absolute dream when it comes to conservation. Have you ever noticed that your bowl keeps producing smoke after you’ve hit it? That’s your precious herb burning away, forever.

    With a one-hitter or multi-hitter, you can clear the entire thing in one puff or hit it multiple times in rapid-fire succession. You’re using every bit of your smoking material. The amount of herb you’d typically blow through in a week with bowls and bongs can last you a month or more if you use a dugout.

    Own the World’s Best Dugout

    Not all dugouts are equal! Sure, you could get a clunky box that’ll fall apart in a week, but why? Our dugouts are made to last, and they’re designed by wizards who know the features that smokers love. You can use one of our 2 hitter pipe options with our 2 inch Smokit. We also have a 3 inch Smokit if you need more storage space.

    Want to know more about Smokit? Feel free to contact us anytime, or you can check our FAQ section to find answers to common questions. Don’t bother with the rest—pick up a Smokit and experience the best!

    The 5 Best Smell Proof Herb Containers

    Herb stored in two clear glass jars

    A smell proof herb container is a must-own smoking accessory. After all, you don’t want to be reaching for that plastic baggy every time you feel like lighting up. A proper container keeps your smoking material fresh while also hiding any odors that you may want to keep private. You can even use your container to get rid of the one hitter smell between cleanings.

    The container you should use depends on your needs. Are you storing an eighth or a pound? Are you planning on bringing your container with you or is it for living room purposes only? The right smell proof herb container will provide years of service, so it’s worth investing in something decent.

    1. Mason Jar

    Any airtight jar should do the trick, but Mason jars are famous as the go-to storage container among smokers. They’re used for pickling and other long-term food storage methods, so you know they’re going to be fine blocking smells. Mason jars are also available in many different sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your stash.

    Another great thing about Mason jars is that you can buy brown ones. Experts recommend storing your herb away from direct sunlight, ideally in a dim location. A brown smell proof herb container ensures that your smoking material stays as fresh as possible, even for long periods of time.

    While a Mason jar is a solid choice, it’s not perfect. Glass jars are less than ideal if you’re traveling, even if it’s just to a buddy’s place. They can break and they’re not discreet. Mason jars are fantastic for storing your herb at home, but you may want to consider other alternatives if you’re looking for something to bring on the go.

    2. Pill Bottle

    Close-up of a pink prescription bottle for herb

    You know those plastic containers that are used for prescription medications? Well, they’re quite useful for storing other medications too. The airtight seal makes them a reliable smell proof herb container, and you can feel good about the childproof lock if you have any young ones in the house.

    Of course, pill bottles won’t hold large amounts of herb, but what they lack in size, they make up for in portability. They’re made out of plastic, so they’re super lightweight. You can easily toss it into your pocket and not worry about a thing. The orange (or other) color also helps to block out sunlight, which is always a plus when it comes to finding the best smell proof herb container.

    If you regularly use a one hitter, you know all about the one hitter smell. A good dugout should mask that smell, but if yours isn’t cutting it, a pill bottle is an airtight receptacle where you can store your one hitter. It’s the perfect size for both one-hitters and small amounts of herb, making it one of the more versatile options.

    If you like the idea of a pill bottle, but you prefer something a little more exciting, check out our Rick and Morty Medtainer medical-grade containers. Not only are they airtight, waterproof, and smell-proof, but they have built-in grinders! Even if you’re not a fan of the show, it’s a superior smell proof herb container option.

    3. Storage Soles

    What better way to avoid odor than to keep your herb in your shoes! Wait, what? No, that’s not a typo. We carry an ingenious little device called storage soles. They’re comfy insoles that replace your old ones. The twist is that they have a built-in storage container for hiding anything you’d like to keep away from prying eyes. They’re also a convenient accessory for smoking on the go.

    Of course, storage soles aren’t practical as a long-term storage solution. But they are incredibly handy to have around, especially when you’re on the move. We recommend using storage soles as your incognito mode storage solution, while also keeping a normal smell proof herb container on hand for permanent storage.

    4. Dedicated Herb Containers

    There are quite a few companies that sell dedicated containers made specifically for herb. Some are fantastic and others are just jars with a brand name and a high price tag slapped on them. If you decide to go this route, make sure you shop around to find containers that are actually worth the price.

    One fantastic value is the WeJar. We sell the WeJar because we genuinely believe it’s one of the best storage solutions out there. It’s a vacuum-sealed smell proof herb container, meaning air doesn’t get in or out. There’s absolutely no odor, and the lack of oxygen ensures that the contents stay ever-so-fresh. It’s also made from ultra-durable and lightweight acrylic that won’t affect the taste in any way.

    5. Zipper Bag

    No, not a Ziploc bag. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for storing herb AND getting rid of the one hitter smell, our zipper bag is a dream come true. This rugged bag is made from five layers for unparalleled odor protection:

    • Protective polyester mesh
    • Filterable non-woven fabric
    • Activated carbon fabric
    • Filterable non-woven fabric (second layer)
    • Outer polyester fabric with PVC backing

    This incredible smell proof herb container also boasts a smell-proof zipper and a carbon fiber lining to further keep smells at bay. The bag even has a built-in combination lock so you know your smoking material is safe. It’s not your typical storage solution, but many smokers absolutely love it. Check it out if you’re intrigued.

    Find Your New Storage Container at Smokit

    Hopefully these suggestions will help you find an acceptable storage solution. The perfect companion to your new container is our 2 inch Smokit or 3 inch Smokit all-in-one smoking kit. They’re completely self-contained and they close up tight, so they actually make excellent portable smell proof herb container solutions on their own.

    Want to know more about the Smokit or any of our other products? Feel free to get in touch for expert assistance. You can also check to see if your question is answered in our FAQ. Check out our flash sales for a mega deal, and be sure to follow our blog for the latest news and smoke-related content. Elevate how you smoke it with a Smokit!

    Smoking Slang: Where It Comes From and Why We Have It

    Close-up of a packed glass pipe in a woman’s hand

    Smoking slang is dank. Stoners love coming up with new ways to express themselves, especially after a couple hits. Many slang terms for smoking have been passed down for decades; others come from specific regions or from inside jokes.

    There are well over 1,000 slang terms just for the plant alone, with more being created on the regular in ciphers worldwide. Sometimes the meaning is obvious, but not always. We’ve compiled a list of terms and their meanings so you can expand your own smokabulary and your friends’ too.

    Check out some of the smoking slang words and phrases you’re likely to hear in the wild below. Next time you’re firing up some sticky-icky jazz cabbage with your bud buddies, try seeing how many smoking terms and phrases you can think of (or invent on the spot).

    The Plant

    Reefer is a term that originated from the Spanish word grifo, which eventually became greefo, a Mexican slang term for someone with frizzy, disheveled hair. The word was eventually used to refer to someone who had smoked a bunch. Eventually greefo evolved into reefer.

    Herb is one of the most common and obvious slang terms. Like bud, flower, and other similar smoking slang terms, it’s simply referring to part of a plant. Try calling it twig, branch, or shrubbery instead sometime and see if anybody notices.

    The devil’s lettuce is a fun one. Because herb was demonized for so long, the name makes sense—it’s the dark side of plants (eye roll). Feel free to come up with your own variations like Cthulhu’s cabbage or Beelzebub’s broccoli.

    Pot is a mysterious one that you probably wouldn’t guess. The term has been used since the 1930s, and it stems from the Spanish word potiguaya, a type of brandy or wine that has been steeped with herb.

    Ganja is a smoking slang term that comes from the Sanskrit word for hemp.

    Chronic and hydro (or just dro) are terms originated by the Doggfather himself, Snoop. These words refer to hydroponic herb, a way to cultivate the plant using water. Few others have helped slang terms for smoking evolve like Snoop!

    The Culture

    Rear view of a woman sitting outside smoking

    Now that you know the origins of some of the more common slang terms for herb, you may be wondering about some other terms you’ve heard. Now, many slang words have been around for decades, and it’s not always possible to trace their origins. Here are some with known histories.

    420 is one of the most common smoking slang terms, yet one of the most misunderstood. It’s a common misconception that it refers to the best time of the day to smoke, although words do take on new meaning over time.

    420 was a code word that a group of high schoolers called The Waldos used for smoking in the ‘70s. One of The Waldos eventually became a Grateful Dead roadie and passed the slang along. One day, the Dead put out a flyer for a 420 party on 4/20 and at 4:20, and the rest is history.

    Bogart is a term used when someone is hogging the joint, bowl, or other smoking device. This smoking slang term is a reference to Humphrey Bogart, a famous ‘40s actor who was known for nursing his cigarette for unreasonable stretches of time.

    Getting stoned is one of the most common terms for the effects associated with smoking. As you might have guessed, it’s a reference to the herb being so potent that the effects are like getting hit with a rock. Jack Kerouac may have been the first to use the term in his famous novel, On the Road: “I had finished the wine while Terry slept, and I was proper stoned.”

    Cherried is a smoking slang term that refers to a bowl that is burning on its own. When a bowl is cherried, you can hand it from person to person with no lighter required, The term is likely used simply because a cherried bowl glows round and red, much like a cherry.

    Cannivore is a name for people who prefer eating edibles over smoking. It’s a play on the word carnivore, which refers to an animal or person that only eats meat. You can probably guess what an herbivore is—an animal or person who only eat plants, of course. That said, you could probably call a stoner who’s not a cannivore an herbivore too!

    Budtender is a more recent smoking slang term that became popular as medical dispensaries started popping up. A budtender is the bartender of the bud world, meaning someone who assists you in selecting your herb.

    A one-hitter is a portable smoking tool that lets you take just one hit at a time. One-hitters can be used on their own, but they’re often included with a dugout, which is a compact box that stores your smoking materials, your one-hitter, and in some cases, tools and accessories.Our 2 inch Smokit and 3 inch Smokit are both all-in-one dugouts that include everything you need to light up on the go.

    Shop the World’s Finest Smoking Accessories

    We’ve only scratched the surface here. There are endless slang terms for smoking out there, and many (most) of them exist without any rhyme or reason. Whether you’re a bona-fide smoking slang wizard or a newbie looking to expand your smokabulary, learning more about the culture is always a blast.

    Know what else is always a blast? Smoking with quality devices and accessories! Smokit is making waves with our ultra-portable and discreet dugouts and smoking accessories. We take serious pride in what we do, and it shows. Once you’ve experienced the difference, you’re not going to want to go back.

    Now that you know more about smoking slang, why not celebrate? Treat yourself to a new piece that’s just waiting to be filled with Dracula’s asparagus. Check out our FAQ or contact us if you have any questions. We also sell wholesale smoking products so you can stock your store. Elevate how you smoke with an all-in-one Smokit!

    From One-Hitter Dugouts to Bowls and Bongs: A Guide to the Best Smoking Accessories and Products for New Smokers

    Close-up of a woman’s hands grinding and rolling dry herb

    If you’re a new smoker, you’re probably wondering about the best smoking accessories. There are a whole lot of options out there these days, and selecting your new go-to piece is no easy feat.

    From choosing between a one hitter vs a bowl to making sense of elaborate water rigs that look like they came out of a mad scientist’s lab, smoking devices can be confusing! We’re here to help. These are the most common products the smoking community depends on day after day.

    1. Rolling Papers

    Arguably the most time-honored smoking tradition, the classic joint is one of the most common smoking methods you’re sure to run into throughout your smoke journey. While rolling papers aren’t the best smoking accessories, they’re cheap and convenient if you’re in a pinch and want to have a quick toke.

    Rolling papers work the exact same way they do with hand-rolled cigarettes. You break (or grind) up your smoking material into small pieces, lay it out on the paper, roll it up, and light it up. It’s not the most exciting option, but passing a joint around is a simple way to get a group buzzing without worrying about breaking or losing your favorite piece.

    2. Blunt Wraps

    Rolling papers are to cigarettes as blunt wraps are to cigars. Like rolling papers, blunt wraps aren’t always the best smoking accessories, especially if you’re smoking alone. However, a fat blunt can turn any gathering into a party.

    Blunt wraps aren’t exactly newbie-friendly. You’re probably going to destroy quite a few before you finally create something worthy of passing around. A lot of moisture is the key to rolling a blunt that won’t crumble.

    3. Bowls

    Bowls, or pipes, are extremely common among smokers. They operate the same way as traditional tobacco pipes—you load it up, apply a flame, and breathe in. However, most bowls have more unique designs compared to grandpa’s afternoon pipe.

    They’re often hand-blown out of glass. There are also bowls made from metal, wood, and even stone. Many bowls also have a small hole called a carb or rush hole that can be held down and released at strategic moments to provide a larger hit.

    Some stoners consider bowls to be the best smoking accessories simply because they’re convenient and easy to use. At the same time, there’s an old debate that’s been happening for decades: one hitter vs bowl. Plenty of smokers prefer one hitters over bowls for a number of reasons. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning both!

    4. One Hitters

    One hitters combine the best of joints and bowls. They’re typically small tube-shaped smoking devices made from metal, glass, or wood. You dip one end into your herb, and then you have a single-serving hit ready to go.

    It’s an incredible way to conserve your smoking material, as you’re only burning the precise amount of herb you’re hitting. Joints and bowls leave the herb burning between hits. When you’re almost dankrupt, nothing gets you through hard times like a one-hitter.

    Many stoners view one hitters as the best smoking accessories because they’re so portable and discreet. It’s quite common for one-hitters to be part of a set called a dugout. A dugout is a small box that holds your dry herb and your one-hitter (and possibly some tools). It’s a super handy kit that you can simply toss in your pocket or bag so you’re ready to take a hit whenever the mood strikes.

    Our Smokit 2 Inch and Smokit 3 Inch are both shining examples of a dugout. They also feature a grinder card and a poker/dabber so you have a portable setup that’s ready to go anytime.

    5. Chillums

    Chillums are like if one-hitters and bowls had a baby. They’re not really the best smoking accessories in most smokers’ opinions, but they’re still nice to have around for a change of pace. They’re usually made of glass and shaped like a one hitter, only larger.

    6. Bubblers

    Bubblers are essentially larger bowls with chambers for water filtration. You fill the bottom section with water, and when the smoke is pulled through, it passes through the water for a cooler, smoother hit. They’re called “bubblers” because the water bubbles as you draw air and smoke through the water.

    Woman smoking a water pipe outdoors

    7. Bongs

    Bongs are long tubes, usually made from glass or acrylic, that have removable bowls. You load the bowl, light it, and inhale, and then the long tube, or chamber, fills up with smoke. Once it’s full, you remove the bowl piece and inhale all of the smoke.

    Bongs are often considered to be the best smoking accessories for experienced smokers who have high tolerances. As a beginner, you might find that they’re a bit too intense. If you’re shopping for a first piece, you’re better off deciding between a one hitter vs a bowl, rather than starting off with a bong.

    8. Vaporizers

    There are two main types of vapes: those that vaporize dry herb and those that vaporize liquid extracts. Dry herb vaporizers heat the smoking material without scorching it, delivering vapor instead of smoke. Extract vaporizers like dab pens work similar to e-cigarettes, but they vaporize e-liquids that contain concentrates, rather than nicotine.

    One Hitters Are King

    Maybe we’re biased, but we think one hitters are the best smoking accessories for a number of reasons. They’re compact, incognito, and they waste less smoking material. Anytime you’re in the mood for a quick hit, you just grab it and you’re ready to go in seconds. You can also pass your dugout around when you’re smoking with a group.

    We’ve discussed the most common smoking devices you’ll run into as a new smoker, but there are plenty of other smoking accessories out there too. For example, you’ll probably want to pick up a smell-proof container to store your smoking material or a grinder to break it up.

    Order Your Smokit Today

    Want to know more about our innovative Smokit? Check out our FAQ section and blog for more details. We’re confident that once you try it, you’ll see why it’s known as one of the best smoking accessories on the market today.

    We’re always offering exciting sales on smoking products, so be sure to check back regularly. Contact us if you have any questions, or simply place your order through our secure site now.