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    How to Use a Grinder Card

    Silver Smokit grinder card

    A grinder card is the most portable and convenient smoking accessory in the world. No thicker or larger than a credit card, you can throw one in your wallet and never have to worry about breaking herb down by hand. When you combine this tool with the versatility of a bowl, dugout pipe, or rolling papers, the world is at your fingertips.

    1. Hold the card over a flat, clean surface

    When you’re using a grinder card, you want to make sure you’re not losing any herb that is ground up with the grinder card, so have a designated area to work with. Rolling trays are ideal, but a table or even a book is better than nothing. Keep the herb between your thumb and pointer finger of your dominant hand, with herb sticking out from the bottom of your two fingers. Use your middle finger to press herb down into the card if necessary. Your other hand should hold the grinder card slightly above the surface and flat. Grate the herb sticking out against the grinder surface like you’re grating cheese. Use a downward force and don’t be afraid to be pushing the herb through the grinder card with your fingers.

    2. Continue grating the herb with some downward force

    As more herb gets ground up when you use your grinder card, you’re going to need to reposition the herb in your hand so you can continue using the grinder card effectively. The grinder card surface won’t injure you, but without moving the herb to be better positioned can start to wear down on your fingers. Be smart! The more herb that’s shown, the easier it will be to grind it all up. Pick up the bigger chunks that fall and grind them down further.

    little space for the herb

    Depending on the herb’s consistency, it might not all go through the card the first time and fall off to the sides. Take a quick look and see if there are any larger pieces and pick them up together, to be grated through the card. Consistency for your herb is key as the larger pieces can mess up how nicely a bowl will burn. This is especially true if you’re going to smoke your herb out of a one-hitter as there is only a little space for the herb.

    3. Put one in a smoking kit so you’re never without a grinder

    new smoking accessory

    Sometimes the traditional two- to four-piece grinders are just too bulky for whatever adventure you’re going on. Having and knowing how to use a grinder card is essential, especially if you’re looking to include one in a portable smoking kit. If you’re on the market for a new smoking accessory, consider getting one. If you’re looking for a new smoking pipe, consider getting a Smokit. It’s a smoking kit that comes with a one-hitter, a removable grinder card, a poker and dabber tool, and storage for both herb and concentrates. They’re incredibly portable, and you can get them for under $20. Use “20off” for 20% off and free shipping on their site at for an even better deal!

    When Buying a Portable Smoking Kit Makes Sense

    Portrait of a man smoking a cigarette

    If you’re thinking about getting an all-in-one smoking kit, you’re probably a fan of nifty gadgets and enjoy smoking on the go. There are several key benefits to the best dugout system from Smokit. Everything is kept together neatly, you’re never searching for the right tool, and they’re easy to take with you on any adventures you go on. But is it worth it to invest in a kit? Our answer is yes, and here’s why. These are all elements that add to having a better smoking experience.

    1. If you’re frequently on the go and need a portable smoking kit

    A one-hitter pipe is the bread and butter for smoking on the go. These devices are shaped like a cigarette (are often painted to look like one) and allow for smoking herb on the go rather easily. Carrying a bowl or larger tobacco pipe simply isn’t practical, whereas a one-hitter is incredibly stealthy and simple to pack and store.

    portable smoking kit

    2. If there never seems to be the right tools on hand when smoking

    Every bowl that is smoked, whether in a one-hitter, traditional bowl, or water pipe, needs to be cleared of any remaining ash to ensure that there’s a clean smoke the next time. Sometimes you can simply blow or tap the ash out of the bowl, but other times require a poker to really clear it out. Many people resort to a paper clip or toothpick if you happen to have one nearby. Having the right tool for the job at hand is key, and so having a poker with you when smoking makes perfect sense. The best dugout systems will come with a poker tool included.

    3. You need a convenient way to carry herb with you

    If you’re smoking on the go, you need to be able to carry what you’re smoking with you. Having storage space for your herb should be considered an essential part of any smoking kit you want to buy. Carrying around larger containers or bags for your herb doesn’t make much sense. They’re bulky and not particularly practical. A dugout pipe has a one-hitter included, storage for herb, and occasionally will even have a poker. But there are portable smoking kits that are even better than regular dugout pipes, such as the Smokit which has all of the above, and below.

    4. Getting the most out of your herb is important

    Depending on the size of your all-in-one smoking kit, some of them will come with grinders and some will not. We consider them an essential tool for smoking, as having a consistently ground up herb to smoke will significantly improve your smoking experience. Most will have a two-piece grinder as they’re cheap and small, but the best dugout systems for smoking on the go are actually grinder cards. They are the approximate size of a credit card and work just like a cheese grater. You hold the grinder card flat and simply push the herb against its surface to break it down into a fluffy consistency.

    5. You like being prepared


    Everyone has that friend who’ll show up empty-handed or never has the right tools for the situation. Whether it be a bottle opener when you’re having a beer or a lighter when you’re trying to smoke, we’ve all been there. With a portable smoking kit, you never have to worry about being unprepared. You’re ready for whatever life can throw at you and will be able to easily deal with many of the headaches traditionally associated with smoking.

    6. Our recommendation for the best dugout system

    As stated above, we really recommend checking out Smokits. They’re compact, durable, and have all the necessary tools you need for an enjoyable smoking experience. All you need to bring is a lighter, and you’re set to go. With an innovative design, you can grind herb directly into the storage area below, in addition to having a silicone container for extra storage. The design is based on a traditional dugout pipe but has an additional lengthwise door that makes a world of difference. Every part of the kit is custom molded and designed to work together perfectly. The one-hitter can hold multiple hits and has serrated edges making packing it a breeze. For under $20 you can be set for years to come as the Smokit combines quality, affordability, and innovative design.

    Top 5 Cool Smoking Accessories for Active Lifestyles

    Pink all-in-one smoking kit

    Living an active lifestyle and smoking are not the simplest of things to do, but with the help of these five smoking accessories life will be a little easier for you. Mix and match a few for an even better smoking experience. We’ve carefully selected cool smoking accessories that fall into to categories. The first is smoking kits, and the second is composed of lighter add-ons. The Smokit and Nail Crown Dabbing Tool are both multi-tools that have their pros and cons. The Lighter and Toker Poker are both sleeves that fit over lighters and come with an array of handy tools. A Skunkguard bag is helpful to keep everything together and is odor-proof so you never have to worry about smells leaking out for anyone to catch wind of.

    1. Smokit

    We’re starting things off with our personal favorite. The Smokit combines practicality with an innovative design, in the form of a dugout pipe with a removable grinder card. There’s a cool one-hitter pipe that is capable of holding three or four hits, a poker/dabber tool, a grinder card to allow you to grind herb into storage, and a silicone container to hold concentrates too. The removable grinder card is situated directly above storage, so herb will fall through and you can also access all of your storage space as well. The card also doubles as a flat edge, perfect for gather any loose herbs on a rolling tray or flat surface. Check them out today at

    2. Lighterbro


    A Lighterbro takes up even less space than a Smokit, and since you need a lighter with you to smoke on the go, these are cool smoking accessories to add to your active lifestyle. The tool is made of quality steel with a complete set of tools. You get a micro Phillips screwdriver that doubles as a poker, a flathead screwdriver tip, a knife blade, a pair of scissors, and a bottle opener as well. The lighter gets additional weight and feels much more like a solidly built tool than the plastic ones. You can’t go wrong with an accessory like this, so check them out today at

    3. Toker Poker

    The Toker Poker is another cool smoking accessory that brings added a different set of tools than the Lighter Bro does. It’s much simpler and cheaper as well but has the versatility to aid with bowls that the LighterBro does not. You get a poker, a stainless steel tamper, and the Toker Poker has space to securely fit up to five feet in hemp wick, which is perfect for lighting bowls with as it does not get gas into the herb and contaminate the taste. They’re available at and also at Amazon as well as many of your local head shops.

    Toker Poker

    4. Nail Crown—Flower Edition

    With the Nail Crown, you’re getting a large all-in-one smoking kit with the space to keep additional smoking accessories or papers. There’s a grinder built into the bottom of the nail crown and has tools specifically designed to assist in smoking concentrates on the go. The included tools are a cool one-hitter pipe, a large crutch, a small crutch, a clip tool, a poker, a packer, and a tool stand. The Nail Crown has a lot of tools, and storage space to put in papers, herb, or any other small accessories you could think of. With the central space empty, you’ve got plenty of options. Put a lighter with a LighterBro or Toker Poker in there and you’ve still got room to spare.

    5. Skunkguard—Sidekick

    Just as the name implies, the Sidekick Skunkguard is a perfect travel companion as it is small enough to be easily carried but large enough to hold any and all smoking accessories you have with you. Couple that with the carbon and charcoal lining that makes these cases patented and smell-proof, and you’re ready to take on the world. With non-obvious designs, these bags can go with you everywhere you go. We recommend taking a look as they have a ton of color and sizing options from small hand-size bags all the way up to backpacks and duffel bags.

    So there you have it. Five cool smoking accessory recommendations and why we chose each one. Smokit is the perfect smoking kit to bring with you and has the best one-hitter on the market. With the grinder card, overall size and design coming in at a mere few inches, the Smokit is our favorite of them all. The LighterBro pairs perfectly with it and gives you even more tools at your disposal with minimum space needed in pockets or purses. Get them both and be set for any situation life throws at you.

    Dugout Pipe - One of the Best Smoking Products

    Wisps of smoke on a black background

    Since the dawn of modern day smoking, there has always been something relatively convenient to smoke out of, a way to carry your herb, and everything else is secondary. Dugout pipes have a one hitter, which is great to take a quick puff off of while on the go, and a spot to store your herb. End of story right? Just kidding, we’ll give a better explanation than that on why they’re one of the best smoking products on the market.

    Take Your Dugout Pipe Hiking, Skiing, Fishing, and More

    Few things complement an outdoor adventure like being able to smoke herb while doing so. Unfortunately, that is sometimes easier said than done. If you have your dugout pipe with you, that changes the equation. You can easily carry your herb, a one hitter, and a device that allows you to pack your one hitter up to smoke on-the-go. Bringing a bowl requires you to fill it up, takes additional space, and you have to be careful about not breaking it. They’re great for an extended break such as on top of a mountain or picnic area for lunch, but not so much in motion. What we’re talking about is smoking with only a few seconds. For that, you want one of the best smoking products on the market: a one hitter dugout.

    Find the Perfect Smoking Products

    Smoking on the go is going to come down to how easily and efficiently you can smoke your one hitter. Some of them are made of aluminum, and are incredibly cheap with no additional features. The best one hitters are the ones with serrated edges so they pack easier, a spring loaded ejector so that clearing the one hitter is simple, or a few other options. One of those options is a multi hitter, or rather a miniature chillum depending on how you look at it. One hitter dugouts are very much so a thing, so you want the best one hitter you can find to go in your smoking kit. We recommend checking out Smokits, as they have a multi hitter pipe that also comes with serrated edges, a poker and dabber tool, as well as a grinder card to grind directly into storage below.

    Get Comfortable Smoking and Moving

    The more comfortable you are with your dugout pipe, the faster and better you’ll be able to smoke out of it. You can smoke it absentmindedly, as the process is incredibly simple once you’re familiar with your one hitter pipe and dugout setup. Even if you combine a dugout with another product to smoke out of, such as rolling papers or a glass pipe, having the poker and storage space for herbs can come in handy. The more tools and smoking products you have in your dugout pipe, the better off you’ll be for any situations that might arise.

    11 Reasons Why You Should Shop For Your Smoking Accessories Online

    A neon green 'Smoke Shop' sign

    For many people, looking for smoking accessories online isn’t just an option, it’s the only option. Either because they live in an area underserved by head shops selling smoke shop accessories or due to their busy schedules, hitting a physical store may not always be a possibility. Even if you are near a head shop, however, online shopping could still be your best bet. A high-quality internet head shop offers you benefits that a small neighborhood store can’t match.

    These are ten reasons why using an online smoking accessories dealer is something you should consider.

    1. A Wider Selection Of Product Types Than A Physical Storefront Can Offer. Retail space often comes at a premium. Commercial real estate prices are soaring in desirable areas and rental prices aren’t far behind. By necessity, this limits the square footage for display that most head shops can offer. If you can’t display products, you won’t sell them, so there’s no reason to order them and store them in the back. The result is an inventory that cherry picks a few popular smoke shop accessories, but ignores the rest.

    Online smoke shops don’t face the same constraints since their wares are displayed digitally. Their warehouse can be comfortably located in areas with low rental or real estate prices, allowing them to maintain an extensive inventory to sell online. The result is a much wider selection of products available to you. This includes not only the popular favorites, but also new and innovative products you may not have seen before.

    2. Access To More Variations Of Products. Going hand in hand with their limited inventory space, you may not be able to get the exact colors or styles of the product you want. Want a blue silicone bong? Unfortunately, your local store may only carry pink ones it hasn’t been able to get rid of. They may refuse to order it special due to extra costs, forcing you to wait for them to place a regular order with their vendor, which may not come until the pink version is sold out.

    When you buy smoking accessories online you’re able to browse for the perfect item in the perfect color. Want a blue Smokit? Order a blue Smokit. There’s no effective limit on display space or warehouse space, so if a manufacturer makes it, you can probably order it and have it shipped before your local store finds the catalog number.

    A 2" Smokit smoking kit

    3. Prices Are Often Lower. Due to the lower physical overhead, online vendors often are able to sell comparable merchandise for a better price. Since their business model allows them to keep operating costs down when compared to brick and mortar stores, the savings can be passed onto the customers.

    4. You Can Explore How You Want To Smoke. Want to try smoking a new way? Buying your smoking accessories online lets you try new gear. Sure, maybe you’re a bong aficionado, but have you tried a recycler? What about a sherlock? Because there’s more selection and prices are lower, you don’t have to feel guilty about buying that new piece of glass you aren’t sure if you’re going to love or not. Buy the smoke shop accessories you want to try and take them for a spin.

    5. Mix And Match Your Accessories. When you buy your smoking accessories online, you can build your own preferred smoking collection. Don’t like the rolling tray that matches a pipe tool? Want a better pipe tool? No order is too big or too small if it’s what you want.

    6. Support Creators Directly. Some online retailers, like Smokit, are directly responsible for some of their smoking accessories. As an example, when you buy from Smokit, you’re getting a kit engineered in the USA while supporting the innovator and the small business they created. When you support the people working to give you great products more directly, without a cut being taken out by a distributor and a retailer, you’re helping them continue to advance the industry.

    7. You Never Know If A Local Shop Will Last. The sad reality is that stores selling smoke shop accessories face a certain amount of stigma. In some locales, they face higher taxes, extra scrutiny, and landlords that would rather not deal with their type of business. Having another option you can trust, like a reputable online smoking accessories dealer, ensures that, should your local shop disappear, you can still get the gear you need for a great smoke.

    8. Your Private Business Remains Private. Unfortunately, that same stigma can affect the people who frequent local smoke shops. This is especially true in smaller, often rural communities. When you buy online, there’s no grist for the local rumor mill. Your private information is secure and protected.

    9. Shop Naked. Well, maybe not. The point is when you buy smoking accessories online, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. No need to get dressed, drive to your local smoke shop, and deal with people (ugh). You order it, then in a few days it shows up at your house. For many people, it is the perfect level of human interaction.

    10. Easier To Buy In Quantity. Are you really going to be the person that goes to your local store and buys two dozen smoke shop accessories, like our smoking kits, right before Christmas? Even if you did want to, local shops don’t have that much inventory space in many cases. Online, you can do bulk orders that let you give great gifts to friends, clients, and customers. With a little customization, these can even make great prizes or trade show swag that promotes your business or services.

    11. The Return Policy is Better. Most smoke shops or gas stations are going to have an “all sales are final” policy with all of their products. This means that even if the product had an imperfection when you bought it, you’re stuck with it for better or worse. Online shops are typically happy to exchange products because they want you to be happy, and they realize products can be damaged in the mail or may have a slight imperfection.

    These are just a few reasons why getting your smoking accessories online is a great choice. We’re proud to offer some of the best smoking accessories available at great prices. Browse our selection and find the perfect piece for your next smoke today.