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    Dugout Pipe - One of the Best Smoking Products

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    Since the dawn of modern day smoking, there has always been something relatively convenient to smoke out of, a way to carry your herb, and everything else is secondary. Dugout pipes have a one hitter, which is great to take a quick puff off of while on the go, and a spot to store your herb. End of story right? Just kidding, we’ll give a better explanation than that on why they’re one of the best smoking products on the market.

    Take Your Dugout Pipe Hiking, Skiing, Fishing, and More

    Few things complement an outdoor adventure like being able to smoke herb while doing so. Unfortunately, that is sometimes easier said than done. If you have your dugout pipe with you, that changes the equation. You can easily carry your herb, a one hitter, and a device that allows you to pack your one hitter up to smoke on-the-go. Bringing a bowl requires you to fill it up, takes additional space, and you have to be careful about not breaking it. They’re great for an extended break such as on top of a mountain or picnic area for lunch, but not so much in motion. What we’re talking about is smoking with only a few seconds. For that, you want one of the best smoking products on the market: a one hitter dugout.

    Find the Perfect Smoking Products

    Smoking on the go is going to come down to how easily and efficiently you can smoke your one hitter. Some of them are made of aluminum, and are incredibly cheap with no additional features. The best one hitters are the ones with serrated edges so they pack easier, a spring loaded ejector so that clearing the one hitter is simple, or a few other options. One of those options is a multi hitter, or rather a miniature chillum depending on how you look at it. One hitter dugouts are very much so a thing, so you want the best one hitter you can find to go in your smoking kit. We recommend checking out Smokits, as they have a multi hitter pipe that also comes with serrated edges, a poker and dabber tool, as well as a grinder card to grind directly into storage below.

    Get Comfortable Smoking and Moving

    The more comfortable you are with your dugout pipe, the faster and better you’ll be able to smoke out of it. You can smoke it absentmindedly, as the process is incredibly simple once you’re familiar with your one hitter pipe and dugout setup. Even if you combine a dugout with another product to smoke out of, such as rolling papers or a glass pipe, having the poker and storage space for herbs can come in handy. The more tools and smoking products you have in your dugout pipe, the better off you’ll be for any situations that might arise.

    Shopping for Smoking Supplies: Where to Get a Dugout Pipe or One Hitter

    Man sitting on bench and vaping

    If you’re reading this, you have internet access, and the great news is you can get smoking supplies, including a dugout pipe, one hitter, or pretty much anything else in the world online. If convenience is your biggest priority, you’re not going to beat shopping online.

    You can find incredible deals online on occasion but oftentimes, head shops (smoke shops) can make deals on the spot with better pricing. These also include convenience stores and gas stations, where products can have a listed price and, if done right, some of them are negotiable.

    How to Get Discounted Smoking Supplies Online

    Not all companies do this, but you would be surprised at how many are willing to give a discount code out if you message or call and ask. From blog posts to promotions, to abandoned cart recovery messages, there are many potential ways to get a discount you wouldn’t normally find. These can range from free shipping to 20% off, and more. Some companies will give these coupons out, others won’t. Smokit gives 20% off and free shipping with the discount count ‘20off,’ so if you’re looking for a great deal online, check out our selection. Our dugouts come with a multi-hitter, poker and dabber tool, a grinder card, storage for both flower and concentrate, and are incredibly compact too.

    Convenience Stores or Gas Stations

    With cannabis products becoming more widely accepted around the country, it has become a huge topic of discussion. Stores want to stay with the times, and will stock dugout pipes, one hitters, and other smoking supplies as an entry into the market. But it’s important to be aware that not all stores want to.

    You’ll know what type of stores sell smoking supplies as soon as you walk in -- oftentimes the smoking pipes and metal bats will be right up front. The prices here will often be very cheap and the quality of the products will often be cheap as well. Ask if the bats are made of metal, ceramic, or glass. A dugout pipe found at a convenience store or gas station is not guaranteed to be good or bad. Ultimately, it’ll depend on what type of selection the store has. Some stores have a large selection where they’ll have varying qualities, but if they only have a few options, chances are they will be cheap.

    Head Shops or Dispensaries

    These are the two go-to spots for all your smoking supply needs. Dispensaries will have a limited selection, but every accessory sold is going to be a high quality option. The cost will be a little higher than elsewhere, but you won’t need to worry about your dugout pipe breaking in a day, or a vaporizer being a knock off.

    Head shops have the best in-person selection, which is key if you like to see things in person before buying them. Head shops are also going to have the best selection, and some of them can even give a discount if asked. The nicer smoking pipes are always good to check out in person, so don’t be afraid to walk in and ask. The vast majority of shop employees want to help you find the best piece at the best price for you. The best dugout pipes will be available at head shops, as they have the widest selection of smoking pipes and smoking accessories.

    Smoking and Skiing with a Portable Smoking Pipe

    Person skiing down a slope.

    Hitting the slopes to ski or snowboard is one of the most fun winter activities you can do. But if you want to combine that with smoking, what’s the best way to do so? Get a portable smoking pipe with a one hitter! These will let you carry everything you need on the mountains so you can take a quick puff whenever you have a second, and you won’t need to go back to the lodge to do so. With just a basic lighter, one hitter, and dugout you have everything you need to carry, securely store, and pack your pipe.

    Grind Herb Into the Dugout Before Going Outside

    You would think this is pretty easy to understand, but some people will bring an entire grinder or separate container of herb with them. Taking your gloves off and trying to grind, fill, pack, or anything else like that is a bad idea. You want to minimize your time with your gloves off and not do things out in the cold that could have easily been done inside. By having a packed dugout, you can take a puff on your portable smoking pipe in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

    Have Your Dugout in an Easily Accessible, But Secure Pocket

    Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If you wipe out, having a portable smoking pipe crushed into you is not going to be fun. This can happen if you have it in a pants pocket or a jacket pocket on your side. Keep the dugout pipe inside your jacket and, not only will the smell stay more contained, but there is a very small chance of landing against it. A one hitter fits perfectly within the dugout, so you can take a good, all-in-one smoking kit with you wherever you go.

    Smoke When the Timing is Right

    In a crowd full of people, lighting up a one hitter pipe is going to be noticeable no matter how discreet you are. Consider smoking on a ski lift, in the woods, or somewhere along the slopes that is out of everyone’s way. Wanting to smoke and ski isn’t the worst thing to do, but being rude about it gives smokers a bad reputation. Be mindful of your surroundings!

    Get the Right Tools for Your Portable Smoking Pipe

    Consider getting a dugout that comes with a built in poker. There are a lot of variations on dugout pipes on the market, but some are better than others. Basic dugout pipes will only have a one hitter in them, but others come with a poker, others with a bottle opener, and some even have built in grinders. Smokit has a multi-hitter, a poker, and grinder card for maximum efficiency and minimum space required in your jacket. We recommend checking them out here and finding one that fits your needs today!

    Using a One Hitter Bat Pipe During Your Next Vacation

    Three palm trees on a beach

    When you’re going on vacation and want to smoke, there are three basic things you need: herb, something to smoke it out of, and fire. Depending on where you’re traveling to, getting herb can be incredibly easy or difficult.

    Find a Good One Hitter Bat Pipe

    Chances are, on your vacation, you’re going to be on the go frequently. You need to plan for traveling light and smoking, along with getting the right smoking essentials at an affordable price. The best ones are going to have a nicer than normal one hitter bat pipe and an accessory or two. These can include grinders, pokers, dab tools, and storage to carry ground herb. We always say Smokit has done the best job of making a traveler’s kit, as they include all of these components in a compact case with a removable grinder card. Check them out here, or ask the dispensary if they have them.

    The One Hitter Dugout Is Key

    You want to be able to smoke on the go. Getting a cheaply made one hitter bat pipe or dugout is going to save you a few bucks, but cause a whole lot of frustration. There are one hitters that have bowl ejectors to empty out ash. Another style has a filter in it, and last, but not least, there are multi-hitters available that hold significantly more herb . They’re only a few dollars more and well worth the investment.

    One hitter dugouts are where you can store the pipe and also your herb. One hitter dugouts allow you to take smoking essentials anywhere on your trip and not arouse suspicion. Having a grinder card or something to break down herb with will also assist in smoking out of your one hitter. But once again, that falls into the accessory category and isn’t a smoking essential like a one hitter bat.

    Enjoy your vacation and be responsible with whatever route you choose to go!

    The Right Way to Pack a Dugout

    The Right Way to Pack a Dugout

    There are many ways to pack a dugout up but some of them are absolutely better than others. Once you have a basic understanding of how a dugout pipe works, you’ll be well on your way to smoking a dugout with the best of them.

    • Understanding how dugouts work

    Dugouts are a portable storage box that have a one hitter pipe and storage space for herb. You need to fill the storage area up with herb before traveling with it, as the point of a dugout is to make smoking on the go easy, convenient, and discreet.  The one hitter is there so that you have something to smoke out of while on the go. A one hitter pipe is typically a metal pipe that looks like a cigarette and is shaped like one too. They typically need to be de clogged after each bowl, but we’ll get to that shortly.

    • Have your herb ground up beforehand 

    Before you go out and about, make sure your dugout box is prepped and ready. Ideally you have a multiple piece grinder to break down your herb into an even consistency, but a grinder card definitely gets the job done too. Either is able to grind your herb down much more effectively than by hand, but if you don’t have either accessible get to breaking it down by hand. You do this with a pinch and twist motion into as small pieces as possible. Having a fine consistency gives the best possible smoking experience, so make sure it’s not too chunky. 

    • Properly load the dugout pipe

    Now that you have ground up herb, it’s time to actually prep your dugout.  Traditional dugouts have a twist top that reveals the one hitter and storage area. The chamber that holds your herb is often pretty narrow so its best to funnel your herb over a rolling tray or flat surface. This is so any spillage can easily be gathered and put into the dugout pipe.  You can gently use the one hitter pipe to poke the herb down into the storage area, but make sure it is not too densely packed in.  As you load the one hitter over and over, the herb will condense itself down even further.  This is why loading the pipe correctly is essential, as once the herb gets too densely packed its difficult to continue smoking from. 


    • Pack your one hitter correctly

    With your dugout packed and loaded, you’re ready to hit the road. Using your one hitter as efficiently as possible is going to make or break your smoking experience. Ideally you have a poker to clean it out after each smoke, but if not you can still make do.  Remove the one hitter from the dugout box, and gently press down into the herb storage side. You want to twist as you do this, as that will help pack the bowl.  Mashing it in will result in getting the herb stuck at the bottom, so only do that as a last resort. Having a poker here will also assist in getting herb unstuck from the bottom, so you really want to try and have one with you. 

    • Keeping the one hitter pipe clean

    After you’ve packed and smoked your one hitter pipe, there’s a good chance there’ll be some ash left behind. This is totally normal, but should be cleaned out before packing the metal pipe up again. If there isn’t too much ash, you can typically just blow it out from the same end you inhaled from.  Most of the time this is effective, but if not you need to get a poking tool of some sort. There are pokers that come in dugouts designed for this, but a toothpick or paperclip can also suffice here. They also help keep any residue that builds up at bay. 

    • Our dugout recommendation

    Check out a product called the Smokit at They have a built in grinder card that allows you to grind your herb directly into storage instead of having to grind it up separately, and then funnel it in. There’s a poker that fits all the way through the one-hitter to easy unclog it , and the pipe is actually a multi-hitter with serrated edges so it packs up even easier.  The poker also has a scooper end, and there’s a silicone container as well for additional storage. There are two sizes depending on how compact you need it to be, and it’s made of a durable polycarbonate with a soft touch finish. Use the code ‘20off’ for a 20% discount!