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    Smoking accessories for the golf course

    Smoking accessories for the golf course

    **This is an opinion piece**

    Is smoking on the golf course a good or bad thing?

    Smoking herbs can make an already enjoyable experience even better. There are many ways to smoke on a golf course, whether you’re using a dugout pipe, one hitter, bowl, or joint.  All are very portable and can can be smoked discreetly. We have no problem smoking on the course, but you need to be mindful of your surrounding environment.  Not everyone is going to be open minded, or understand that smoking can help you relax, so the fewer people who know the better.  Discretion is the name of the game here people!

    Carrying smoking accessories in your bag vs. cart

    Before you get to the course, throw a dugout pipe in your bag, any pre-rolls, a regular bowl and you’re set for the day.  A bowl is going to be nice if you’re smoking with friends at a spot away from the clubhouse.  Pre-rolls far into the same category, and can look like a cigar or cigarette.  A dugout one hitter works perfectly for taking a quick puff when getting a club.  Do your best to not leave a smoldering bowl in the open kart storage spots. Doing so is a red flag as the smell will definitely carry and is leaving visible evidence out.  Use your bag as a smell barrier and for plausible deniability.  This is why a dugout pipe is so great, is you can leave one in the cart and the smell will be self-contained.  We think one hitters are the perfect smoking accessory for golf courses, but people have their own preferences. 

    Smoking and how it affects your game

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with smoking herb and playing golf.  In my opinion, smoking will make you think more creatively about shots you could hit. There’s nothing wrong with taking a puff on a one hitter and thinking about the next shot.  Golf is an incredibly mental sport, so smoking something that gets you thinking isn’t a bad thing.  This is of course smoking within reason, and knowing your limits.  I don’t recommend smoking in excess and playing, as you could easily get way too careless with your shot and have the day turn sour.  It’s much better to have a nice relaxed state of mind than a, ‘wow look at this cloud! It’s blending with the other cloud! Oh yeah, golf.'

    Why we think one hitter pipes are the best smoking accessory for golf

    You need portability, discretion, and to keep your wits about you. With a dugout, you can keep the smell to an absolute minimum, not worry about anything looking obvious, and smoke an appropriate amount. There’ll be people that say ‘I take dabs to the face and play’, cool. You’re the 1% of smokers and everyone should do what’s best for them.  One hitters can be smoked easily and effectively with minimum time invested.  Using a product like Smokit before lets you prep herb easily as well as take it with you on the course.  You can grind herb into the container, have a multi-hitter to smoke with, a poker/dabber to de-clog it, all of which makes Smokit the best dugout pipe on the market. If you’re on the market for a new one hitter check them out today at www.smokits.com!