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    Make your own smoking kit - the essentials

    Make your own smoking kit - the essentials

    How portable do you want your smoking kit to be? That’s the first step to building your own smoking kit filled with essentials. If you’re working with an Altoids tin, you’ll have different priorities than working with a smell proof Skunk bag or lunchbox sized container. We’ll give a few essential smoking accessories that should be in every smoking kit, regardless of size, and then get into the more optional ones.

    A lighter

    Bic mini lighters are the smallest source of flame widely available and easily useable. If you want to throw some matches and hemp in there go for it, but when smoking on the go ease of use should be up there for simplicities sake. Using a larger container for your smoking kit you can get away with regular size lighters regardless of the brand or shape.

    Rolling papers

    You never know when the situation will present itself to roll something up. A pack of paper takes next to no space, and can be used in pretty much any smoking scenario. Great for party settings or even by yourself, you really can’t go wrong with having your favorite brand of papers. Raw papers have become the industry standard, but don’t be afraid to venture out and find something a little more off the beaten trail.

    A poker

    A poker is ranked so high here because it can be as simple as having a toothpick or metal poker in your smoking kit. Regardless of your smoking kit size, you can use a poker to pack in something you’ve rolled, stir a bowl, or de clog a bowl and it will also take up next to no space. Don’t sleep on a poker! If you choose to not put one in, you’re gonna have a bad time.

    One hitter

    Sometimes you only have a little bit of herb to smoke, and that’s ok. What’s more efficient at smoking a small bit of herb than a one hitter? Nothing. You won’t be scrambling to make an improv bowl out of anything, and won’t need an excess amount of herb to roll something up with. From a space perspective, you really can’t go wrong with a one hitter.  Larger bags and boxes can have bowls, bubblers, and even bongs but not every smoking kit can fit those. 

    Eye drops

    The purpose of these is twofold.  First of all, smoking can easily irritate your eyes and dry them out. Having itchy or dry eyes is miserable, so be prepared for them. Also, smoking is notorious for giving you red eyes, which eye drops can mitigate or even get rid of. It’s better to have a small bottle with you for when you need them, then to be struggling and looking for one.

    Grinder or Grinder card

    Depending on space, you’re going to want one of these. Breaking down herb by hand is a total pain. It’s the 21st century, almost the 22nd one, get with the times and get a grinder. Grinder cards are clutch when space is a premium, and traditional grinders are great to double as an herb storage and grinding apparatus in larger smoking kits. 

    Optional Extras

    You can fit all of the above in an Altoids tin if you go with the smaller options when presented with one. Now it’s time to explore a couple more possibilities that you can include when you have a larger smoking kit.


    1. A Smokit - This product’s name comes from Smoking Kit, so its a mini smoking kit all on it’s own. A multi-hitter, grinder card, herb and concentrate storage, and a poker/dabber come standard here. They’re the size of a Zippo, so any bag you’re using will have room for this and more. The design is based on a dugout pipe, which can be made of different materials. Wooden dugouts are the most common dugouts, but metal dugouts have become increasingly prevalent as people look to go with higher end options. 
    2. A collectable lighter - Think Zippo, a portable torch, etc. These lighters take up more space but can also be more useful depending on the situation. Torches are great for concentrates, and you can’t beat a Zippo if there’s wind outside for instance. 
    3. Dugout pipe - We think Smokits are the best multi-tool on the market, but if you have everything included in one already, there’s nothing wrong with having a simple dugout pipe. They come with a one hitter and storage space, and are great for taking on an outdoor adventure. Chances are you don’t want to take your entire bag with you, so putting one in your pocket is a great compromise.  If you’re on the market for a new one, www.smokits.com is a great place to start!

    So there you have it. A great way to make your own all in one smoking kit, a few optional additions depending on the size you go with, and why each is essential. Tweak your kit to fit your needs and preferences, but starting with the above parts like a one hitter will never steer you wrong.

    How to use a one hitter dugout

    How to use a one hitter dugout

    A one hitter dugout is one of the simplest ways to smoke legal herbs on the market.  Most dugouts only have a couple parts to them and they work great together. Those parts are a one hitter bat and the dugout case. The case normally has two compartments, one of which holds the one hitter and one holds your herb. The dugout was made in the 1970s when cigarettes were banned from major league baseball dugouts and players needed a tobacco fix. They solve the problem of needing a quick hit of herb discreetly and effectively.

    How the one hitter dugout works

    Before you put herb into the dugout, it  is best to grind the herb up so it smokes easier. Grinding the herb up can be done by hand, with a grinder, or with a grinder card. After you have ground up your herb, you need to funnel the herb into the dugout pipe’s storage side. This is part of the dugout case that is designed to hold the herb. 

    After you have herb in the dugout, you remove the one hitter from the tool side and push it into the storage side. This will pack the herb into the one hitter pipe and allow you to take a quick puff. You need to twist the one hitter bat a few times into the herb, as the herb needs to be well packed into the one hitter.

    Some dugout pipes come with a poker, which is a very important smoking accessory, especially for one hitter dugouts.  The reason is one hitters get clogged very easily, and have resin build up inside preventing you from smoking.  If you have a poker, run the poker through the dugout one hitter to keep it clean. You can also use the poker to keep the herb in it’s storage side from getting jammed in at the bottom.

    Tips and Tricks for using a One Hitter Dugout

    -There are many new variations on one hitters. Find one which best fits your needs. Some one hitters are made of glass, others are ceramic, and some have teeth to help pack up herb.

    -Be sure to grind your herb up. If you only throw in large pieces, your one hitter will not smoke well and be very messy.

    -A poker seems like an optional tool, but dugouts with pokers are way easier to use and smoke with. You will want the poker as soon as you start using the dugout! Trust us on that.


    The best dugout on the market

    Not all dugouts are created equally. Like we mentioned above, the quality and features in a dugout vary depending on who manufactures said product.  There are cheap ones with only a one hitter in the dugout case, decent ones with an extra such as a poker, and higher end ones made of better materials and parts. 

    Smokit for example has a multi-hitter, grinder card to grind herb straight into the device, a poker/dabber, and was shrunk down to be even more convenient and discreet than traditional dugouts.  With a rubber matte finish and priced affordably, you can get the best of both worlds.  Check them out today at www.smokits.com

    Choosing the Right All in One Smoking Kit

    Choosing the Right All in One Smoking Kit

    The premise of an all in one smoking kit is easy to understand. You don’t want to be carrying around a backpack full of smoking accessories, you want something compact and preferably discreet.  There are multiple all in one smoking kits, in varying sizes depending on what you need. Our go to smoking kit is an all in one dugout, and we’ll explain below why, but it is not the only option available. You can make your own kit, there are ones based on different designs too, but an all in one dugout maximizes space and efficiency, which is key for us.

    When portability is the most important thing

    If you want to carry your all in one smoking kit around in your pocket or purse, going with a Smokit is your safest bet. The product is designed to have a multi-hitter, poker/dabber, storage space for both flower and concentrate, along with a grinder card to break down herb and help gather it in a rolling tray or on a flat surface.  The price is reasonable coming in at under $20, and it’ll last for years. Check them out today at www.smokits.com and see which size is right for you.

    When storage space for additional accessories is key

    If you like having all the bells and whistles with you, a Smokit isn’t going to cut it. We recommend getting a smell proof bag, as these can hold everything you possibly want and still be carried with you. The most dependable ones come from https://www.skunkcase.com/ and are available in all shapes and sizes.  The Skunk Sidekick is our personal favorite as you can easily fit a nice bowl, grinder, flower, concentrate, lighters, papers, etc. in there. Have your own cannabis survival kit wherever you go, and never worry about the smell. 

    Combining an all in one dugout with a smell proof bag

    Take a bag like the above mentioned and throw a Smokit in there. You should see a Smokit the same way you would a Swiss army knife. You might not need every tool frequently, but when you find yourself in an odd situation it’s there when you need it. In these smell proof bags, you have space to put an all in one dugout like the Smokit in there.  The smallest one measures in at 2.5”x1.5”x0.5” which is the approximate size of a zippo. They have the best one hitter included, and still work like a dugout pipe plus extra tools. 

    Which set up are you going with?

    So there you have it. A couple different strategies for being able to take everything you need with you. Be the person who shows up prepared, not the person scrambling for tooth picks and apples to smoke out of. Look into what comes in each kit and option and customize for your own needs. A Smokit is a great place to start, but doesn’t need to stop there. Shop around and build your own smoking kit as your smoking preferences expand.

    Comparing smoking accessories and dugout smoking kits

    Comparing smoking accessories and dugout smoking kits

    Not all dugout pipes are created equally, but they all follow one premise.  To be considered a dugout, you need a one hitter pipe and an area that stores herb. That concept was created in the 1970’s when baseball players had cigarettes banned from dugouts and had to improvise.  Over the course of 40+ years, companies have come out with different styles, variations, materials, and anything else you can think of adding to them. But with all these new additions and twists, can they still be called a smoking accessory?

    We consider a smoking accessory any product that aids and assists in the act of smoking, whether it’s smoked, dabbed, or vaped.  The product has to be more than a pipe to quality, so you can’t consider a glass bowl or bong to be one.  We’re going to examine three categories to see if each one qualifies. It should also be portable enough that you can easily carry it with you in your pockets or purse.

    Cheap, generic dugouts

    To sum this one up, no. Here’s why. Having a one hitter and spot to store weed are basic essentials that don’t fall into the accessory category. When you buy herb or concentrates, you already have a storage container for them.  You have a holding spot for your one hitter and nothing else. They’re typically bulky, not well constructed, and overall a pain to use. Smoking accessories are supposed to be additional features, or make smoking easier and more enjoyable. When all the product does is a bare necessity, and is a challenge to use at that, it  cannot be considered one.  The one hitter in these never work well, and you are better off smoking with any other product or paper. Efficiency is the best thing these dugouts for smoking have going for them.

    Lighter Accessories

    In our books, these 100% qualify. The two best in our humble opinion are Toker Poker, and Lighterbro. With the Toker Poker, you have a quality length poker, a spot to store hemp wick and light it for a cleaner hit, and a stainless steel tamper. The poker helps de clog, and the tamper easily and efficiently can put out bowls.  The Lighterbro also has a poker, but has a very different take on what tools it includes. You get a bottle opener, a small blade which is perfect for slicing open blunts, and doubles as a flat edge screw driver.  Both of these lighter accessories hold a lighter, but add to your smoking experience with additional tools in their respective nifty designs.

    Smoking kits

    Our favorite smoking kit is called the Smokit.  The name is an abbreviation for Smoking kit after all, so you know they set out to make one.  The kit combines elements of dugouts, with elements of a lighter accessories listed above and a unique twist.  You get a multi-hitter that can easily be smoked out of and a poker/dabber that can clear pipes and bowls on one side. On the other side, is a dab tool that can be used to scoop concentrates to put on a nail or into a vaporizer.  Inside the Smokit, there is also a silicone container that can hold concentrates. Last but not least is a grinder card, meaning you’re getting a full smoking accessory experience. After grinding up flower, the Smokit works like a traditional dugout, so in this category the answer is yes. If you combine this with a LighterBro, you’ve got everything you could possibly need! Check them out today at www.smokits.com

    Tips and Tricks for Smoking a One Hitter

    Tips and Tricks for Smoking a One Hitter

    Tons of smokers have one hitters that they enjoy smoking with. They are one of the easiest pipes to smoke with in the world. The concept is very straight forward. You put one puff worth of herb into one side, put the other in your mouth, light the herb side and inhale.  There is not much else to the act of smoking them.  However, you need to keep them cleaned, be responsible when smoking them, and be aware of what material you are smoking out of.

    Keep them clear!

    One hitters get jammed all the time. That is a statement of fact, with little to no way around it . Fortunately, many dugouts these days come with pokers, and if you aren’t using one pokers come in all shapes in sizes. The secret is having one with you when smoking. Even a multi tool like Swiss Army Knife has the proper tools to assist in keeping your metal bat clean.  If you are at home, a Q tip also works really well. If you keep the pipe clean, you will get a much smoother hit and know exactly what you are smoking. Resin can build up very easily inside the pipe, and then dirt and hair can get stuck in there too.

    Keep them clean!

    Every now and then, wash your one hitter with a tiny bit of iso-propanyl and salt. Throw those two ingredients in a plastic bag or and let the bag soak. The stronger % alcohol the faster you can clean your metal bat and get back to smoking.  Salt works like an abrasive surface on a sponge, so it should be in there too.  It’s a good idea to also clean your poker every now and then, because resin build up makes them more difficult to use and sticky.  This isn’t rocket science people, just use common sense.

    If you don’t already have a dugout, get one!

    The easiest way to keep track of your pipe is to keep it in a dugout. These are small portable box shaped items that can hold your dugout pipe, often have a poker with them to keep your smoking pipe clean and also a spot to stash herb. The best ones have additional accessories in them, such as a bottle opener or grinder card to assist in breaking down herbs.  The best one on the market right now is called Smokit. The one hitter featured in their dugout pipe is actually a multi hitter, meaning it holds several hits instead of one. There’s also a poker and dabber tool, a grinder to grind into storage, and a silicone container for dabs.  Check them out today at www.smokits.com and use 20off for 20% off any order!