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    How to use the best dugout – Smokit


    So you have your Smokit, something to smoke, and a lighter. It’s time to put these to good use. There is a lengthwise door that runs down Smokit. You pop this open, to reveal a grinder card underneath. The card can be removed to double as a flat edge for gathering loose herb, but you do not need to right now. With the long door open, you take herb and grind it against the card with only a small amount of force. Think of the grinder card like a cheese grater, it works the same way. Now you have herb in the storage area below, and you shut the lengthwise door to secure your herb.

    The top left door as you can see in the picture, holds the dugout pipe and a poker/dabber tool. Open that door, tilt the product so the dugout pipe slides right out, and shut the top left door. At this point, you have the pipe to smoke with and your herb is ready to be ground up.

    The top right door opens into the same storage area below your grinder card. You want to open that door, and be sure to keep the Smokit tilted upright so no herb falls out. You push your one-hitter pipe (that holds 3-4 hits) into that storage area, and simply twist 1-2 times. The pipe will pack itself and you can remove it and shut the top right door.

    Now you’re ready to smoke! Take the one hitter and put it in your mouth with the herb away from you. Light the herb but only briefly as you do not want to burn it all on the first hit. This is key and what makes our dugout pipe the best! It is custom made to be extra deep and hold multiple hits. After smoking the pipe you will need to clear it.  

    In the top left door that the one hitter was in, there is also a poker and dabber tool. Simply open the door, tilt the Smokit to slide the poker out, and slide through the dugout pipe. You can store the tools back up in the smell-resistant case they came in and you’re ready for next time.

    We have a video made showing exactly how to do this entire process. Check it out here, and if you’re sick of old dugouts where they get jammed, are difficult to load, and don’t have a poker, look in our store for a Smokit you like today!

    Which Smokit dugout pipe is the right size for you?

    Which Smokit dugout pipe is the right size for you?

    Smokit comes in two sizes. Those are what we call the Smokit 2 inch and the Smokit 3 inch. There is no single dugout pipe size perfect for everyone. The size 100% depends on your preferences, so here’s a little guide to help you out.

    Smokit 2 inch is the most compact dugout pipe on the market. And we mean anywhere in the world. We made each part compact without losing functionality. This means the one-hitter (actually a multi-hitter) is 2 inch instead of the normal 3 inch of regular dugout pipes, the grinder card is more compact, along with the poker and overall case size. There is less storage space than in the 3” size. So why would smaller be better?

    -You don’t have much pocket space

    -You prefer to be more discreet

    -You like compact dugout pipes

    Smokit 3 inch is much more of a standard dugout pipe size. However, it is still more narrow than a regular wooden dugout. This means you are still saving valuable pocket space without sacrificing functionality. With a longer pipe, you are keeping the flame further away from your face. Some people are afraid of this, so if flame close by freaks you out this is the one to get! There is also a longer poker in the dugout, which is good for some reasons and bad for others. Why would bigger be better?

    -Overall easier to use from grinder card to poker

    -Flame is further from your face

    -More storage space for herb

    You can’t go wrong with the Smokit 2 inch or the Smokit 3 inch as this is the best dugout pipe on the market. It all comes down to personalization and getting what best suits your needs. We already redesigned the dugout to be better than anything on the market. Which size are you going with? Check them both out today at https://smokits.com/collections/all-smokit-parts

    Seasonal Sale! Get a new dugout pipe

    Seasonal Sale! Get a new dugout pipe

    It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays. This is the best time to pick up a Smokit, since we’re doing a buy one get one 50% off! Use code ‘cyber’ anytime Wednesday (11/28) from 12 AM EST to Monday through 12 AM EST (12/03). We want to make gift giving easy for you. Surprise a friend with a new all in one kit! What exactly comes in our all in one smoking kit you ask? Well we’re here to tell you. Smokit comes with:

    -Stainless steel grinder card

    -Metal poker with a dabber on the other end

    -Multi-hitter pipe with a serrated edge

    -Storage for both flower and concentrate

    The parts fit in our nifty customized polycarbonate case that makes dugout smoking a breeze. We made it so you can grind directly with the grinder card into storage below and access it with the metal pipe. All this can be done in a matter of seconds.

    Simply put we made the best dugout on the market. We call ourselves an all in one smoking kit and based our own design on the dugout pipe functionality. We want you to be able to see what we designed, so check out our how to use video, or one of the other videos on Youtube about it. We don’t want you to just take our word for it, so read about us on marijuana.com.

    We’re offering buy one get one 50% off site wide. This means that each color along with Chong’s choice are all up for grabs. We made Smokit for smoking on the go, but it is perfect to add to anyone’s smoking arsenal. Instead of gifting a gift that will go up in smoke, give a gift that your friends and family will have for years. From the durable rubber matte finish to the precision engineering of every part, we truly made a gift that can keep on giving.

    ‘Cyber’ is our discount code. Don’t wait until the last minute to do your shopping. Get your gifts for your and your friends today with buy one get one 50% off!