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    Choose your preferred Smokit size and color below! Our innovative design makes this the most practical dugout pipe on the market. Similarly priced to regular wooden dugouts, you’re getting way more value and functionality with everything that comes in one. There’s a multi-hitter so you’re not packing it up constantly, the poker/scooper for ease of cleaning, and grinder card to always ensure you have nicely ground up herb to smoke, along with smell-resistant storage in the case. 

    No more headaches of breaking herb down by hand, having a clogged pipe or bowl, or needing to carry multiple things with you.  Simply put, Smokit gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to smoking essentials. You’ll have everything you need to smoke in a Zippo sized kit, so the days of smoking out of apples or using twigs to declog a bowl are no more.. Unless of course that’s what you enjoy doing, then more power to ya!