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    Best Pipe for Smoking On The Go


    Plenty of us enjoy smoking herb on the go, but there are so many ways to smoke these days you should think it through. For instance, bringing a large water pipe out with you isn’t going to be practical. The things you need to consider are portability, whether or not it’ll be discreet when you smoke it, and if you need anything in addition to it. The last one is will you be smoking several times or only once? We’ll take you through the pros and cons quickly below and help you find the best pipe, whether it’s a dugout pipe or something else.

    Where does a regular bowl rank?

    A regular bowl is a solidly good choice. They’re compact, you can pack as little or as much in as you want, and don’t require anything fancy like a torch lighter, extra carrying case, etc.  If you need to carry a grinder for multiple bowls its even more. The smell will be minimal and they’re easily smoked, stored, as well as don’t weigh very much. Ranked: 3rd overall

    How about blunts or joints?

    Taking some pre-rolls with you for smoking on the go sounds like a no brainer.  However, they can get easily bent and damaged so proper precaution needs to be taken, like a Doob Tube or separate pocket.  There’s also wind and weather to consider, as they’ll typically be more difficult to smoke and burn faster than inside.  However, you only need to carry your rolled product and a lighter. Once you’ve smoked them, all you have is a lighter. This is the main factor that boosts them over a regular bowl. We’re getting to the best pipe next so stay tuned!  Ranked: 2nd overall

    We think dugout pipes are the best for smoking on the go. Here’s why

    When you factor in smell, portability, and durability, dugouts have no real weakness. The only weakness is that one hitters are difficult to smoke for a group, but you can get dugout pipes with multi-hitters or chillum, as well as pokers to speed up the process of unloading or de-clogging them. From a smell perspective they’re the best, they’re not going to shatter if dropped or easily bent and damaged in your pocket. They’re also the most efficient with your herb, which is worth taking into consideration for some. These are why we think they’re the best pipe for smoking on the go.  We recommend checking out a Smokit as they’re the most complete and easy to use dugout on the market. They’re durable, have the best multi-hitter on the market, a poker, storage for herb and wax, and a grinder card on top of it. Check them out at www.smokits.com and let us know what you think! Use coupon 20off for 20% off.

    Smoking accessories for the golf course

    Smoking accessories for the golf course

    **This is an opinion piece**

    Is smoking on the golf course a good or bad thing?

    Smoking herbs can make an already enjoyable experience even better. There are many ways to smoke on a golf course, whether you’re using a dugout pipe, one hitter, bowl, or joint.  All are very portable and can can be smoked discreetly. We have no problem smoking on the course, but you need to be mindful of your surrounding environment.  Not everyone is going to be open minded, or understand that smoking can help you relax, so the fewer people who know the better.  Discretion is the name of the game here people!

    Carrying smoking accessories in your bag vs. cart

    Before you get to the course, throw a dugout pipe in your bag, any pre-rolls, a regular bowl and you’re set for the day.  A bowl is going to be nice if you’re smoking with friends at a spot away from the clubhouse.  Pre-rolls far into the same category, and can look like a cigar or cigarette.  A dugout one hitter works perfectly for taking a quick puff when getting a club.  Do your best to not leave a smoldering bowl in the open kart storage spots. Doing so is a red flag as the smell will definitely carry and is leaving visible evidence out.  Use your bag as a smell barrier and for plausible deniability.  This is why a dugout pipe is so great, is you can leave one in the cart and the smell will be self-contained.  We think one hitters are the perfect smoking accessory for golf courses, but people have their own preferences. 

    Smoking and how it affects your game

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with smoking herb and playing golf.  In my opinion, smoking will make you think more creatively about shots you could hit. There’s nothing wrong with taking a puff on a one hitter and thinking about the next shot.  Golf is an incredibly mental sport, so smoking something that gets you thinking isn’t a bad thing.  This is of course smoking within reason, and knowing your limits.  I don’t recommend smoking in excess and playing, as you could easily get way too careless with your shot and have the day turn sour.  It’s much better to have a nice relaxed state of mind than a, ‘wow look at this cloud! It’s blending with the other cloud! Oh yeah, golf.'

    Why we think one hitter pipes are the best smoking accessory for golf

    You need portability, discretion, and to keep your wits about you. With a dugout, you can keep the smell to an absolute minimum, not worry about anything looking obvious, and smoke an appropriate amount. There’ll be people that say ‘I take dabs to the face and play’, cool. You’re the 1% of smokers and everyone should do what’s best for them.  One hitters can be smoked easily and effectively with minimum time invested.  Using a product like Smokit before lets you prep herb easily as well as take it with you on the course.  You can grind herb into the container, have a multi-hitter to smoke with, a poker/dabber to de-clog it, all of which makes Smokit the best dugout pipe on the market. If you’re on the market for a new one hitter check them out today at www.smokits.com!

    How to Clean a One Hitter

    How to Clean a One Hitter

    So you have a one hitter bat that you’ve smoked out and now it’s filled with resin and overall in need of a deep clean. Thankfully, cleaning one is incredibly easy. There are specifically designed cleaning solutions for pipes and there are home based solutions too. The first step regardless of cleaner you use is to make sure all loose debris and gunk are out of the one hitter bat. Next you choose the cleaner.

    Using a store bought pipe cleaning solution

    There are multiple options out there such as Formula 420, and Grand Master Smoke bong cleaner. Both of these will easily get the job done, but are far more expensive than if you want to go with a cleaning solution you make yourself.  For a one hitter pipe, we really do not consider one of these necessary. If you have an incredibly nice water pipe, one of these is worth it in our opinion. But that’s not why you’re reading this so lets get to the simple, effective and affordable way

    How to clean a one hitter pipe with ingredients you already have

    The main ingredient here is rubbing alcohol. Specifically, isopropyl alcohol. Looking at you college students, that bottle of vodka isn’t gonna cut it. The stronger the better for proof.

    Get a sealable plastic bag or container and put the one hitter in there. You want to put enough rubbing alcohol in so that the one hitter bat is completely covered.  Adding a small splash of hot water (think 1-2 oz) can help loosen up the gunk due to heat.  Next you want to add 1-2 tablespoons of salt into the bag. The more course the salt is, the better. This is because the salt acts as an abrasive. Think about cleaning dishes. You use a sponge that has a ton of holes and different leveled surfaces to help clean gunk off. The salt is the sponge here.

    At this point you have your cleaning solution ready to go.  Shake that bag or container with your one hitter inside thoroughly to make sure that everything is nice and mixed up. You want to make sure the cleaning solution has gotten through the one hitter bat and can get to work figuratively speaking.

    Next, you wait. Put the container or bag somewhere out of the way and give it 1-3 hours. However, if you’re impatient, you can check on the pipe cleanliness and shake the bag whenever you want.

    Going from a one hitter soaking in solution to smoking out of it again

    Hurray! You’ve made it this far. Your one hitter bat should be thoroughly cleaned at this point. If the pipe isn’t, then you need to give the pipe additional time in your cleaning solution. If it’s nasty and dirty, get a new solution to soak your pipe in.

    Remove the one hitter from the cleaning solution, and rinse it with hot water. You can either hold it directly under the faucet or let it soak to get all residue off.  Make sure you discard the rinse water and especially cleaning solution properly (down the toilet or shower) or you could stink up an entire room.


    Wipe your one hitter down with a paper towel and at this point you should have a pipe that looks and smokes like its brand new! Thanks for reading this far. If you’re in the market for a new one hitter or dugout, get one for 20% off at www.smokits.com using 20off.

    Shopping for a new smoking pipe made easy

    Shopping for a new smoking pipe made easy

    So you’re thinking of picking up a new product and there are a millions different products to choose from. Where do you begin? First you need to decide if this is for smoking at home or, on the go, or both on the go and at home. 

    Smoking a one hitter at home

    If this smoking pipe is for at home use, dugout pipes are good from an efficiency standpoint. However, more expensive pieces such as bowls, bubblers, and bongs tend to have smoother hits. They also tend to have larger bowls to pack for a relaxed smoking experience. If you’re not bringing this piece anywhere, your options are wide open. A one hitter can easily be smoked and packed, but the capacity compared to other pieces is lacking.  A water piece like a bong is the obvious choice here as you can get the smoothest hit from them.

    Shopping for an all around type of piece

    When you need something to smoke at home and something to smoke on the go, versatility is going to be key.  There are two products here that fit this category well. If you’re primarily smoking at home, the better of the two is the EYCE spoon pipe bowl.  With a bowl like this, you can hold 0.2-0.4 grams of herb and comfortably smoke from it. You don’t need to pack it up often, and this nifty piece comes with a poker to decalog the bowl. 

    The other Is Smokit, which can be used to smoke at home but is even better on the go. That’s because it has a multi-hitter, poker/dabber, grinder card, and storage for both flower and concentrate. The one hitter doesn’t hold as much as a bowl, but is easier to take with you and you have more smoking accessories with you. This is the best dugout on the market, and if you’re looking for a portable, all around piece I can’t recommend it enough.

    Smoking on the go

    This category is where dugout pipes reign supreme.  You need a piece that can securely hold herb, is easy to carry, and has the essential tools to make smoking easier.  The best dugout kit for this is Smokit, as it has a grinder card for breaking down herb, a poker/dabber to unclog any pipes, and am multi hitter pipe that can easily be packed and reloaded.  If you get a bulky piece, you’re going to struggle to carry it around. If the piece is glass, there’s always a chance it gets broken. 


    One-hitters are incredibly durable and Smokit comes with the best one-hitter on the market. It’s custom molded to hold 3-4 hits and the case is just as innovative. All the tools fit into a compact Zippo sized case and it can take a beating. There’s a variety of colors and sizes available, check them all out over at https://smokits.com/collections/all-smokit-parts